QuickJet was established in 1987 and committed to offer profitable and fully satisfying the very strict requirements of die-mold machining equipment plus the comprehensive customer services and technical support.

By focusing on ultra high speed, extreme precision, and specialty applications;

QuickJet has quickly become a well known manufacture for quality,

precision, and speed.


Our Philosophy

  • Professional, Service, & Creative.

Operating Principles

  • To meet customers' expectation, satisfaction and profits on the equipments, services and supports.

We Care

  • Care about the cultivation and training of customers' staff.
  • Care about the using condition and performance of machines.
  • Care about the immediate service for maintenance.

We Insist

  • Insist on being specialized in die mold milling machines.
  • Insist on providing our customers the best and advanced milling machines and technologies for die mold industry.
  • Insist on high quality, precision, and stability standard.